Watercolor Portraits


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I figured I would post the final few watercolor portrait paintings I did while I was in L.A.
I have one more to post. These were all done with watercolor in a 9×12 moleskine sketchbook. The final painting in the lower right was done in a fairly theatrical setting with green and yellow gels on two spotlights. Each were done in approximately an hour to an hour and a half.
Man, do I miss figure painting every weekend!



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I removed the previous instagrammed sketches and re-uploaded a couple combined jpegs of the sketches that I’ve been posting to instagram. Honestly, although it does have its downsides, the instagram/tumblr platform is nice and accessible and it makes cross-posting to twitter/tumblr/facebook exceedingly convenient. And I can leave this site for more polished posts.
All that being said: I finally had a chance to sit down and crank out the html and I managed to launch my website: http://sketchbookjunkie.com
I’ll be slowly scanning and posting a couple pages from my sketchbooks from the past few years onto that, and hopefully, keeping it up to date as a pure portfolio site.