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I’ve moved on from using the Zorn palette and I started using using a derivative of the palette I learned from Sean Cheetham. Honestly, I actually found Zorn’s palette to be extremely comfortable. It was super simple and easy enough to control in a portrait-type setting that I would go back to it in a heartbeat.

This time using Sean’s palette was actually significantly easier going in. Maybe it is that I have a significant amount more experience with paint walking into it… or that I understand why he lays it out as he does… but… wow. I could either control my color, or let it go intense if I felt like playing with it more. I feel like I still need a lot of work with it to really become fluent with it… but wow. I don’t feel limited to a gamut or value range with it, nor do I feel I have to put the brakes on the color too much, albeit, honestly to be more academic I should. But I’m having a ton of fun with it right now and I’m glad I had the opportunity to paint with him and learn from him.


Cory  Kage